Commentary on New Models of Governance; Article on Board Portals Improving Governance Effectiveness Featured in Spring 2013 Issue of Great Boards

The spring 2013 issue of Great Boards is now available and features a commentary piece on new models of governance, and an article on how board portals are improving governance effectiveness.

In his commentary piece on new models of governance, Barry Bader discusses how the changing landscape of health care is leading to a re-envisioning of board governance. He outlines how health systems are gravitating toward one of three emerging governance models or are “cross pollinating” key attributes from each to form a unique hybrid model. Bader provides a list of questions board members can use to evaluate their readiness for governing accountable, integrated care systems.

In her article “Board Portals: Are They Improving Governance Effectiveness?” Mary Totten talks with governance staff and board members about the impact board portals are having on governance. She provides a list of questions and suggestions boards and governance staff can use to evaluate implementing and sustaining their own use of a board portal.

In addition, a new crosswalk tool from Angela Carman, assistant professor at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, has been added to the Great Boards website. The tool compares the roles of hospital boards and public health departments and encourages collaboration between the two in assessing community health needs. It can be accessed by clicking here.