Board Oversight of Physician Engagement and Considerations and Strategies for Board Downsizing Featured in Fall 2013 Issue of Great Boards

The fall 2013 issue of Great Boards is now available and features articles on board oversight of physician engagement and considerations and strategies for board downsizing.

In “When Strategy Informs Structure,” author Mary Totten looks at Mercy Health’s 25-year journey toward physician integration, beginning as a hospital organization ‘loosely affiliated’ with physicians around selected activities to its current regional hospital-clinic organization structure — a journey which changed the structure of the organization and the system board.

A commentary piece from governance experts Barry S. Bader and Pamela R. Knecht focuses on eight practices boards can implement to undertake a successful downsizing initiative. These include recognizing downsizing is a change process and developing a compelling case for change.

In addition, two new tools have been added to the Great Boards website. The first is a model policy statement on nonprofit health system board accountability. The tool comes from a recent Center for Healthcare Governance monograph titled, “The Evolving Accountability of Nonprofit Health System Boards,” authored by Lawrence Prybil, PhD, F. Kenneth Ackerman, Jr., FACHE, Douglas A. Hastings, and John G. King, FACHE. The monograph contains a broader discussion on accountability and how nonprofit health system boards can demonstrate it. The second new tool is a sample board and committee meeting calendar courtesy of Pamela R. Knecht, president and CEO of ACCORD LIMITED.

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