Winter 2014 Issue of Great Boards Discusses Incentive Compensation Plans for Executives and Aligning Governance and Business Models

The winter 2014 issue of Great Boards is now available and features articles on incentive compensation plans for executives and aligning governance and business models.

In “Transforming Executive Incentive Compensation,” author Jose A. Pagoaga discusses why health care governing boards should review and evaluate incentive compensation plans for executives and how health care organizations can adapt their annual incentive plans to current market conditions. This article also discusses how long-term incentive plans can be structured to help organizations achieve transformational strategies and goals.

Understanding how governance is structured and functions in various business models can help boards best align their governance with the business model it is designed to support, says Pam Knecht in her article, “Aligning Governance and Business Models to Achieve the Best Fit.” She discusses different models now being adopted by health care systems and the importance of aligning governance structure with an organization’s overarching strategic direction and mission.

One new tool has been added to the Great Boards website. Referenced in the Trustee Workbook from January’s Trustee magazine, this tool, developed by Betsy Chapin Taylor, president of Accordant Philanthropy, aims to help hospital boards and leaders identify initiatives that have donor appeal and match the organization’s strategic priorities.