AHA’s National Governance Survey and Characteristics of High-Performing Boards Featured in Spring 2015 Issue of Great Boards

The spring 2015 issue of Great Boards is now available and features articles on the results of AHA’s national governance survey and characteristics of high-performing boards.

In “Survey Results Show Health Care Governance in Transition,” author and Great Boards managing editor Mary K. Totten discusses findings from AHA’s 2014 National Health Care Governance Survey, based on responses from 1,078 CEOs and 710 board chairs. The article focuses on a wide range of board practices and activities and provides an update on governance issues and trends since the last survey in 2011. This article also suggests how boards can use survey results to reflect on their own governance practices.

In her article “Reaching for the Stars,” author Pamela R. Knecht, president and CEO of ACCORD LTD, outlines five categories of characteristics shared by the highest performing boards. She also discusses the importance these boards place on holding themselves accountable for engaging in practices that help them maintain high levels of performance in each category.

One new tool has been added to the Great Boards website. Developed in collaboration among the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors, the American Health Lawyers Association, the Health Care Compliance Association, and the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “Practical Guidance for Health Care Boards on Compliance Oversight” provides tips for Boards as they work to better understand and execute oversight of their organizations’ compliance with State and Federal health care laws.