Medicare Penalties for Hospital Errors and Developing a Shared Governance Model Featured in Fall 2014 Issue of Great Boards

The fall 2014 issue of Great Boards is now available and features articles on avoiding new Medicare penalties for hospital errors and how boards can develop a shared governance model.

In “A $330 Million Risk: What Boards Should Know About New Medicare Penalties for Hospital Errors,” author Rodney F. Hochman, MD, describes how Medicare’s new penalty program works, the drivers of quality, safety, and costs at organizations, and the role boards can play in reducing the risk of incurring such financial penalties.

Health care boards need to evolve beyond their traditional fiduciary and core governance responsibilities to encompass a more strategic and global view, says Pam Knecht in her article, “The Shared Governance Imperative.” She discusses how boards and management need to move to a new model of shared governance with the ultimate goal of creating a culture of engagement to drive organization success.

Two new resources have been added to the Great Boards website. The first resource, which is referenced in the October Center Voices column in Trustee magazine, is a list of questions board members should ask when considering a super clinically integrated network opportunity. The second is a sample audit and compliance committee charter, provided courtesy of ACCORD, LIMITED, a governance and strategic planning consulting firm based in Chicago, IL.


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